Why us


Leah Victoria Cares is a small care agency that is attempting to be different from most. It strives to do exactly as it says ‘care’.

Working at the local community Hospital brought up many factors of the local care that is provided. It was a great way to do research asking the patients what they would like from home care. One problem was the fact that the clients felt that the care was rushed and they didn’t stay for the allocated time. As part of LVC policy I can guarantee that all clients will receive the full time that they have paid for unless requested otherwise. Before leaving it will always be ensured that clients are happy, safe and have had all needs met to the high standard expected. Clients houses will always be left tidy as they were found.

LVC is YOUR service and we will do as much or as little as required, always ensuring that that independence is kept. Regular feedback will be requested to ensure that clients, clients friends/family and staff members are happy with the quality of care received.

To find out more please contact us to arrange a free confidential assessment.